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House Check / Close Patrol / Vacation Check Request

  1. For internal use only:
  2. Name:
  3. Map grid: ________
  4. District: ________
  5. Address:
  6. Close patrol: 201____________
  7. Sachse, Texas 75048
  8. House check: 201____________

  9. Taken by: ____________________
  10. Please fill in the following information:
  11. Keys left with contact?
  12. Anyone at residence daily?
  13. Does this location have an alarm?*
  14. If yes, is alarm monitored?
  15. Is there a permit on file?
  16. Inside lights left on?
  17. Are lights on a timer?
  18. Are there pets on site?
  19. Vehicles left on premises?*
  20. Will vehicle(s) be driven in your absence?*
  21. The house check is a service provided by the police department when you are away from your residence for at least three (3) calendar days, but not longer than thirty (30) calendar days. It is not for extended absences from your residence or for vacant homes.
  22. This is a copy of the security check that you requested. Our officers make every effort to protect your property even without requests such as this; however, this request permits officers to pay special attention to your property during times of specific circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you need assistance in any way.
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