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Holiday Package Service


  2. Beginning November 16th, the Sachse Police Department is excited to offer their police department as a package delivery site for its citizens. In an effort to combat package theft, citizens who would normally have packages delivered to their residence may opt to have the packages delivered to the Sachse Police Department. A representative of the police department will accept packages and secure them until residents are able to pick up items. All items must be retrieved by December 22nd. 

    To participate in this opportunity, please refrain from sending: Packages over 50 lbs., prescriptions or drugs, weapons, fragile items, or items of high value. 

    Questions should be forwarded to Public Safety Officer Carter at 

    Please use the following address for package shipment: 

    First and Last Name - Sachse Police Department                          

    3815 Sachse Rd.

    Suite D - Att: HPS                       

    Sachse, TX. 75048


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