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  1. 1. General Event Information
  2. 2. Event Details
  3. 3. Permits and Sanitation
  4. 4. Run/Walk/Parade Event
  5. 5. Notification and Permissions
  6. 6. Charges/Fees/City Services
  7. 7. Insurance
  8. 8. Application Checklist
  9. 9. Final Review and Signatures
  • General Event Information

    1. So that we may assist you in the planning process for a Special Event and to help ensure that the date requested will be available, please complete this application at least 3 months in advance. Additional information may be needed and requested as the event date approaches. The organization or individual requesting a Special Event Permit must reside in the City of Sachse. No alcohol will be permitted on City property for any event.
    2. Applicant Main Contact Information
    3. If the event is to be held by or for any person/organization other than the applicant, the applicant shall attach a written statement from that other person/organization showing authority to make this application.
    4. Organization Hosting Event
    5. 501c3 Group