How do I download the SeeClickFix app?

There are two easy ways to download the SeeClickFix app on your smart phone: Go to the SeeClickFix webpage and click on the icon for your phone; or go to the App Store and search for SeeClickFix. When you reach the app’s home screen, select Explore Community. You’ll type Sachse, Texas in the search bar and once you see the City of Sachse’s logo you’re done!

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1. What is SeeClickFix?
2. How does SeeClickFix work?
3. How do I download the SeeClickFix app?
4. What kind of issues can be reported?
5. Can emergency situations be reported on SeeClickFix?
6. Will all reported issues be corrected?
7. Can I submit SeeClickFix requests anonymously?
8. Who do I contact if I need help with SeeClickFix?