Pet Registration

Registration Fees

All dogs and cats are required to be registered with the city. Please bring proof of rabies vaccination and proof that the animal is spayed or neutered to the Animal Shelter at 6436 Sachse Road.
Not Spayed / Neutered $7
Spayed / Neutered $2
Replacement Tags $1

Rabies Requirements

Proof of rabies vaccination is required and the animal must wear both tags (the rabies vaccination tag and city registration tag) at all times. Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies by four months of age and get a booster one year later. After that, Sachse allows pet owners to vaccinate their animals for rabies once every three years. Registration with the city must still be renewed annually.

Dog Flu Reaches North Texas

Veterinarians in Dallas and Fort Worth are warning pet owners about Canine Influenze of the "dog flu" spreading across North Texas. The dog flu is actually a very infectious virus. An owner might notice decreased activity, a lack of appetite, maybe a mild fever and definitely sneezing and coughing. If untreated it can turn into pneumonia which can be life threatening, just like in a person. The highest risk dogs are ones who are around other dogs often, especially those who stay at boarding kennels. Vaccines are available and are very effective. Consult with your vet to determine if this is something your dog needs. Unlike other influenza strains related to animals, swine flu or avian flu, for example, the "dog flu" does not spread to humans.