April 4, 2022 Update

Due to the low number of cases, the Garland Health Department has ceased all updates regarding COVID-19 cases in the City of Sachse. We will inform the public if anything should change.

Sachse Active COVID-19 Cases

Total No. Active Cases in Sachse: 20
Dallas County Cases: 13
Collin County Cases: 7
No. Males: 7
No. Females: 13

Recovered/Removed Cases 

Total No. Removed Cases in Sachse5,634

  1. *This chart is updated periodically, as City staff receives information from the City’s health authority, which works with both Dallas and Collin counties on information related to active/recovered COVID-19 cases. The City does not receive information about Sachse-specific cases each day, so there may be lag times between updates on this chart. On average, this chart is updated about three times a week once all information about new cases or removed cases is received.

Last update: 03-17-22 at 10:00 a.m.

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