RING Partnership


The Sachse Police Department has partnered with RING in order to enhance our Neighborhood Video Partnership Program. Currently, all RING owners have access to the ‘Neighbor’s’ app, however, even if you don’t have a RING device, you can still download the app and participate. The Neighbor’s app allows you to share your videos that are captured on your RING device to the app. The app also allows law enforcement to share important updates as it pertains to crime and safety in order to make our neighborhoods safer. Through our partnership with RING, The police department will now be able to send messaging thru the app to RING owners. The primary messaging content will be to request that RING owners check their video for crime related video footage. Those who do not have RING will still get a message, and can share their videos with law enforcement as well.

*The police department will not have access to your RING system

*The police department will not have access to any subscriber information unless YOU choose to share it

*The police department will not know your exact address unless YOU share it

The Neighbors app can be downloaded to your iPhone via the app store, or to your Android device via Google Play.

Google Play Neighbors App


Apple App Store Neighbors App