Basic CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Class

The City of Sachse encourages all citizens to take preparedness seriously in order to minimize loss of life and property in a disaster. Sachse is actively recruiting residents to be trained in the CERT program which includes development and training of Neighborhood CERT teams to support our community.

Community Emergency Response Team

A Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a group of people who receive special training to enhance their ability to recognize, respond to, and recover from emergency and disaster situations. Teams are trained to take care of themselves and others before, during, and after an emergency. As an organized team, individuals can provide vital services while waiting for emergency responders.

CERT in Sachse

Sachse has an all-disasters approach to emergencies. Among the more likely emergencies in Sachse are fires and weather-related situations such as tornadoes and flash flooding. CERT members also assist with crowd and traffic control during community events such as the July fireworks show and the Christmas parade.