Emergency Management

Sachse's Office of Emergency Management serves the Sachse Community by coordinating disaster mitigation, preparedness, planning, response, and recovery activities. The Office of Emergency Management accomplishes this through integrated planning, community outreach, emergency response coordination, and recovery activities.


  • Identify roles and responsibilities in case of disaster
  • Ensure Emergency Management Manual is current and city employees understand roles in the event of an emergency
  • Implement public education in emergency preparedness
  • Ensure city's compliance with NIMS (National Integrated Management System for responders) and ICS (Incident Command System)
  • Submit grants from Homeland Security, FEMA, and other federal, state and local organizations


The Sachse Office of Emergency Management is located in the Public Safety Building which is also home to Sachse's Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Sachse Police, Sachse Fire Administration, and Sachse Fire Station 1. The EOC provides a location for City leadership to monitor and coordinate emergencies or disasters affecting the city.

Helpful Resources

Explore our Website to learn more about Emergency Management in Sachse and how you can reduce the impacts of disaster on yourself and your family.

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