Repair Adjustment Request

  1. Water Leak Repair
  2. Swimming Pool Repair

The finance department may allow reasonable adjustments for consumption and related charges for water and sewer where deemed reasonable under the known facts in order to insure fairness, equity, and reasonableness. The City's utility billing department may make payment agreements with customers on payment of high water bills. If the recommended adjustment or agreement is not acceptable to the consumer, an appeal may be requested from the City Manager, whose determination shall be final. 

Water Leak Repaired - Request adjustment online form or  fillable PDF form

Completion of either form is not a guarantee of eligibility. The burden of proof will be on the customer to establish there was a leak and that it was not the result of their own negligence or omission. Leak adjustments are available once per 12 month period for leaks associated with toilets, faucets, purifiers, hot water heaters, and/ or irrigation systems. Failure to turn off a faucet or irrigation to the off position is not an eligible adjustment.  Consumption in question as a result of vandalism, criminal mischief or theft are likewise excluded. Leak adjustments cannot cover a period greater than 90 days (3 months). Leak Adjustment Request form (with repair documentation) must be submitted within 90 days after the date of repair for consideration. 

A credit will be applied to a current customer's account for eligible adjustment requests. When the next month's reading is obtained, and the consumption is in line with prior consumption amounts, the amount of the credit can be calculated. This ensures that the water leak has been corrected. 

Preventative repairs are recommended to reduce water loss and promote water conservation.