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Water Conservation / Restrictions
Smart watering makes cents” slogan debuts. City officials are encouraging a sensible approach during the watering season. Sachse is adopting the slogan to underscore the importance of using good sense in watering this summer.  This play on words emphasizes good sense in watering habits will save dollars and cents for the customer.  City Manager Gina Nash says the slogan ties water and money together, so that there is no confusion that using more water will cost more money.  “There should be no doubt anywhere in the North Texas area that more water going through the meter will mean more money going out of the wallet,” she said;Truly, smart watering will make sense, and cents, for all of us. Moderation, technology and education can all be tools for smart watering.  The City of Sachse has combined multiple sources on this page to help your Smart watering make cents.

Water Restrictions There is watering only before 10:00 am or after 6:00 pm.  No watering of any kind, including washing vehicles is permitted between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.  Watering should be monitored and only performed when necessary to maintain a healthy lawn.  Use the link for AgriLife Research as a helpful resource.
Twice a week, if necessary, according to applicable day of the week.

Residential with irrigation or sprinkler systems watering schedule:
  • Even-numbered home address:  Thursday, Sunday
  • Odd-numbered home address: Wednesday, Saturday

HOA and Commercial watering schedule:
All addresses are Tuesday, Friday

Prohibited water use: Hosing paved areas, buildings, windows and or allowing water runoff. 

The City of Sachse Water Conservation Plan states that additional watering of landscape may be applied by hand-held hose with a shut off nozzle, use of dedicated irrigation drip zones, and/or soaker hose provided no runoff occurs.  Washing or rinsing vehicles is permitted on designated water days only using a hose-end cutoff nozzle.   

Most lawns and landscaping do not require constant watering. To promote deep root growth, lawns in the area need only be watered about an inch a week. Depending on the size of the lawn, that can usually be accomplished with one soaking a week. To get a feel for how much watering is required for one inch of soaking, residents can place a container in the yard and after one watering session, measure the water in the container. Then, depending on how much water is in the container, they can adjust their watering schedule accordingly. 

City of Sachse has installed a weather station. Visit, select the weather station near your location, find exactly how long to set your irrigation system and begin to water your landscape more efficiently. 

Landscape Survival Guide during Watering Restrictions. Brought to you by Texas A&M AGRILIFE Research Extension.

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