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Conservation Educational Courses

The Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas is a gateway to science, researchers and Extension educators across the U.S.  The Center serves all of urban Texas, and the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth metropolitan area in particular.  They offer educational classes and materials on drought-tolerant landscaping ideas and other means of water conservation. (Click on logo for link.)

Water-Wise Landscaping


Water Saving Landscaping Tips. Brought to you by NTMWD and Texas Water Development Board.  (Click on logo for link.)

Texas SmartScape™ utilizes xeriscape principles, but goes beyond the basics by providing design, care, and plant search tools that are "Smart" for North Central Texas.  (Click on logo for link.)

Using Soaker Hoses - NTMWD
Homeowners are being urged to monitor soil conditions around their home foundations and use soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems when necessary. Additional watering around foundations is allowed.

The hot, dry weather conditions in north Texas lately is causing the soil around the foundations of many area homes to dry out, contract and pull away from homes. That can cause foundation problems.

While the conservation plan allows for up to twice per week landscape watering using automatic sprinkler systems to maintain a healthy lawn, the amount of water needed around foundations could be different than for lawns and gardens.

Another way to help maintain the soil moisture around your foundation is to use mulch such as bark or compost. Mulch significantly helps reduce moisture evaporation from soil.

For more information about the proper use of soaker hoses for foundations click here

Just for Kids
Interactive Game

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Interactive Game
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Coloring Book

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Thirsty for Knowledge? Let's Learn About Water
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