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Water Leak Information

Adjustments made for consumption and related charges.

(1) The finance department may allow reasonable adjustments for consumption and related charges for water and sewer where deemed reasonable under the known facts in order to insure fairness, equity, and reasonableness. The city's finance department may make payment agreements with customers on payment of high water bills. If the recommended adjustment or agreement is not acceptable to the consumer, he may appeal the decision to the city manager, whose determination shall be final.

(2) In the event the user, consumer, and/or subscriber shall apply for an adjustment for water usage due to a leak, the burden of proof will be on the customer to establish that there is a leak and that it is not the result of his own negligence or omission. An application for an adjustment can be made over the telephone, by e-mail, or by letter.

(3) The city will provide for a credit to be made to a current customer's account when a leak has been detected. In order to receive this credit, the customer should produce a receipt for repair parts as evidence that the high consumption actually resulted from a water leak that is now repaired. When the next month's reading is obtained and the consumption is in line with prior consumption amounts, the amount of the credit can be calculated. This insures that the water leak has been corrected.

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