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Comprehensive Plan
The Draft Plan is Available!
2017 Comprehensive Plan (1st Draft)

The final public hearings will be held by the Planning & Zoning Commission on February 27th and by the City Council on March 6th at City Hall.  Please mark your calendars to attend and provide feedback on what you think of the vision as outlined within the Plan.  A hard copy is available (for review, not checkout) at the Community Development counter on the first floor of City Hall.

Please also note that the draft Plan will continue to be edited and refined until it is formally considered by City Council on March 20th.

If you want an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, or express concerns, please contact Kelsey Berry or City staff for a personalized consultation.  The consultants and staff are always available by both phone and email and are committed to being accessible and responsive. Even during the final review stages of the process, input and feedback is welcomed, so please contact us with any thing that may be on your mind. 

Kelsey Berry 

Below are a few of the recent presentations from the consultants, which contain recommendations for the final draft of the Comprehensive Plan. 

February 13th P&Z meeting
January 17th City Council meeting
January 3rd City Council meeting

2016 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Sachse is updating its Comprehensive Plan for the first time since 2001.  To learn more about the process and how to get involved, please visit the Comprehensive Plan website by clicking HERE.

Many surveys addressing key policy themes have been released on Sachse's Facebook page.  Don't have Facebook?  Take the latest survey by HERE.


Opportunities to Participate

Next up? 

  • A public hearing for the Comp Plan will be held on February 27th at P&Z.
  • Another public hearing will be held on March 6th by City Council.
  • The final adoption is scheduled for March 20th.
  • An appreciation dinner for CPAC is tentatively planned in March (TBD).

Public Engagement Summary
The success of the Comprehensive Plan relies heavily upon citizen input and involvement.  Ample opportunities for both input and involvement are available throughout the process.  Below is a history of public input opportunities thus far:

  • In late April, the consultant team met with 10 different focus groups to launch the public input campaign.
  • On May 4th, an open town hall meeting was held for the community to meet with the consultant team.
  • In early May, a charrette was held with property owners and other stakeholders of the Turnpike overlay district.
  • At its May meeting, the EDC heard a presentation from the Community Development Director that included early feedback from the focus groups.
  • The first of many Facebook surveys commenced in May.
  • In late May, 2 additional focus groups met with the consultant team to discuss Sachse.
  • The 2nd survey hit Facebook in June.  Additional ones drilling deeper into key issues are expected later in summer.
  • On June 20th, the consultants provided initial feedback and an update to City Council in an open meeting.
  • Members of the consultant team attended the Red, White, & Blue Blast to survey attendees.
  • Staff provided the City Council with an update on its status on July 5th.
  • 2 focus groups for Woodbridge were held on July 6th and July 7th.
  • A charrette for the Old Town area, including SH 78, was held on July 27th.
  • A charrette for the industrial tract off Ranch Road was held on July 28th.
  • Staff presented to EDC on July 21st.
  • Staff presented to P&Z on July 25th.
  • Staff presented to City Council on August 15th.
  • CPAC held its first meeting on September 12th.
  • Staff provided a status update to Council on September 19th.
  • The final surveys were completed in mid/late September.
  • A stakeholder luncheon for PGBT was held on October 10th.
  • CPAC had its second meeting on October 10th.
  • A joint work session between City Council, P&Z, and EDC was held on October 11th.
  • A public town hall meeting was held on October 18th.
  • Staff presented to the Parks board an update on November 10th.
  • The 3rd CPAC meeting was on November 16th.
  • The City Council heard a presentation on Comp Plan recommendations on January 3rd.
  • The City Council received a presentation on the Comprehensive Plan on January 17th.
  • The EDC received a presentation on the Comp Plan on January 19th.
  • P&Z conducted a public hearing on January 23rd.
  • Staff presented to P&Z at a work session on February 13th.
  • The Plan was published online and made available for review at City Hall.

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC)
The CPAC is comprised of 10 Sachse residents (7 appointed by each Council member, and 1 each from P&Z, EDC, and Parks) who will meet with the consultant team once various plan elements are ready for review.  The CPAC provides input in terms of visioning, recommendations, and community values to assist in forging a shared vision for Sachse's future.

CPAC Members:
  • Jeanie Marten
  • Charles Smith
  • Paul Pakebusch
  • Ed Brown
  • Norman Hall
  • Tricia Lindsey
  • CW Butch Cernosek
  • David Hock
  • Lindsey Buhler
  • Niloufer Watkins

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