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Dress Code
Enforced Dress Code
  • Body piercings or "space holders" are prohibited
  • Boys cannot wear earrings or makeup, and facial hair is prohibited 
  • Clothing cannot depict alcohol, drugs, nudity, tobacco products, satanic themes, gang membership, obscene language, obscene graphics, or phrases that are offensive to others 
  • Dresses and skirts should also be of modest length and fit 
  • Extremely sloppy or badly torn clothing is prohibited 
  • Hair must be cut above a students eyes and should be well-groomed and clean at all times
  • Hats, caps, bandanas, and sweatbands cannot be worn in the building
  • House shoes or slippers and pajama tops or bottoms cannot be worn to school 
  • See-through clothing, exposed midriffs, or clothing normally considered undergarments are prohibited 
  • Shoes must be worn - footwear with taps, metal plates, cleats, or wheels are not permitted 
  • Shorts may be worn but must be of modest length, loose-fitting and hemmed at the discretion of the principal
  • Tattoos may be required to be covered at the principal's discretion
A more in-depth look at the dress code can be found on the Garland Independent School District website.

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