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Trash Services

Republic Services provides Sachse's waste, bulk, and recycle service.
For more information on a service request, please contact Republic Services at 972-422-2341.

Your basic service includes:
Trash pickup once per week in the 95 gallon blue polycart.
Recycle pickup once every other week in the 95 gallon green polycart.
Bulk/Brush pickup once monthly, limit of 12 cubic yards.

All trash or recycle must be placed in the carts provided by Republic Services.  All carts must be set out by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.  Carts should be closed and placed with lid hinges on the side of the polycart closest to your home. If you require an additional polycart, please contact Utility Billing Service at 469-429-4763. Each additional cart is $6.51 per month charge. If you are unsure of your pickup day, visit the map and calendar.

Sachse's Green Year Round Handout
View the 2017 handout.

Residential Disabled Trash and Recycling Service Carry Out Service Available

A trash and recycling carry out service is available for temporarily or permanently disabled occupants who
 are physically unable to deliver carts to the curb.  To be eligible for this service, the customer must have no one else residing in the household or employed by the resident capable of carrying the trash/recycling carts to the curb or alley, and the disability statement of the application form must be completed by a licensed physician.   All eligible, completed original applications should be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the City of Sachse Utility Department.  3815-B Sachse Road, Sachse, TX 75048. Phone: (469)429-4765; Fax: (972)495-9356; email: for processing the service. 

Carry Out Service Applications must be resubmitted annually from the date of the original application for all temporary disabling conditions.  Failure to submit renewal will be considered notice to discontinue this service. 

Call Utility Billing (469)429-4763? with any questions on the service or the application. Disabled Carryout Service Application

Trash Collection
1.  How does my trash collection work?   
Republic will empty the cart using trucks that are equipped with an articulating arm. This arm will grasp and quickly empty the cart into the truck and then return the cart to its original position.  This operation is performed quicker and safer than traditional manual collection methods.
2.  What can I put in my trash cart? 
The cart is designed to hold a maximum of 175 pounds.  All of your household trash and yard waste can be disposed of in your cart.  Please bag loose items to prevent littering, especially on those windy days.  EVERYTHING must fit inside the cart with the lid closed.  This will avoid spillage.  SORRY, WE CANNOT TAKE EVERYTHING....  For safety and health reasons, we cannot pick up the following items: demolition, construction, or building material like roofing, brick, dirt, etc.  Trees, tree stumps, brush, and vegetation from building contractors, commercial tree trimmers, lawn services, sod, fill dirt, or any type of chemicals.  NO HOT ASHES, PLEASE. 
3.  Where do I place carts if I have more than one cart? 
Please make sure the cart has at least three feet clearance from mailboxes, parked cars, gas, or water meters, etc. and that the handle is facing the house.  If you recycle, please leave a three foot clearance between the trash cart and recycle cart. 
4.  What if I need an additional trash cart? 
Should you find that you are consistently having more trash than what fits in your trash cart, contact City of Sachse at 469.429.4763 to order an additional cart.  There is a minimal monthly fee for each additional cart.
5.  Who do I call for repairs?
Call Republic Services Customer Service for your repairs at 972.422.2341 or visit our website to fill out a request online.  Republic Services DFW 
6.  What about items that will not fit in my cart? 
Republic will collect bulk / brush items once per month, a limit of 12 cubic yards, or 6' x 6' x 9'.  Brush and bulk guideline:  Please cut to four foot lengths and tie in bundles, or neatly stacked.  Construction debris generated from your residence only will also be collected.  No loose debris, like tile, will be collected if not contained weighing no more than 50 pounds each. 
Visit the online map and calendar to find your bulk / brush item pickup day.
7.  What about appliances?
U.S. EPA prohibits the disposal of white goods containing Freon.  The resident is responsible for having refrigerant removed and tagged by a licensed technician. 
8.  What if I do not want to wait for the once a month bundled brush and bulk pickup?
You may call Republic Customer Service at 972.422.2341 to schedule a special pickup, which will be collected within five days of payment.  There is a minimum charge for this service and payment must be made in advance.  PLEASE NOTE:  As a resident of the City of Sachse, you have free access to the Garland landfill, the C.M. Hinton, Jr. Regional Landfill, located at 3175 Elm Grove Road.  Visit their website for more information. 
9.  Why did the bulk / brush collection crew pick up some of my items and leave other items behind?
Not all items can be picked up by the rear load truck.  For larger items, we have a different truck that will come behind and pick up those items, or you may have gone over the limit of 12 cubic yards.  If this is the case, the remaining items will be tagged with a number to call for a special pickup.
10.  What if a holiday falls on my collection day?
Holidays observed by Republic Services are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.  Trash / recycle will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week following the holiday, ending on Saturday.
11.  Are we going to have a Spring Cleanup?
Yes, once a year, usually in April, Sachse will host a city-wide cleanup day.  Check the website for further details. 
12.  What about household hazardous waste?
Once a year, Sachse will have a household hazardous waste collection day.  It will be posted on the city's website or you may call 972.495.1212 for more information as it is available.  You may also bring your items to the Household Chemical Collection Center located at 11234 Plano Road, Dallas.  Visit their website for more information and a list of what is accepted.
13.  What about my electronic waste (e-waste)?
Once a year, usually in April, Sachse will host an electronic waste event during the Spring Cleanup.  Check the website for further details.
14.  How can I dispose of my Christmas tree?
The two weeks following Christmas there will be a drop off location for your Christmas tree located at Salmon Park, 4302 Williford Road, or place the tree out on your normal trash collection day and Republic Services will pick it up. NOTE:  Republic Services will not pick up any flocked trees, trees with tinsel, lights or ornaments, etc., left on them, or trees in bags.  Remove all decorations and do not place the tree in a plastic bag.

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