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Cops and Campers Student Volunteer Application

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  2. Student Volunteer Application

  3. Requirements for Student Volunteers

    • Two teacher recommendations.
    • Parental consent.
    • Recently promoted to 10th, 11th, or 12th grade for the upcoming fall semester at Sachse High School or have graduated and preparing to enter college.
    • Submit to and pass a Sachse Police Department background check.
  4. Camp Dates*

    Please choose which week(s) you would like to volunteer.

  5. Days Available*

    Sachse PD prefers volunteers commit to the entire week, however, we realize you may work and cannot volunteer all week. Please check which day(s) you are available to volunteer.

  6. In case parents cannot be reached

  7. If there are no allergies write "None"

  8. Parent(s) by electronically signing below you agree to allow the Sachse Police Department to conduct a background check on your child. The background check is for the Sachse Police Departments' use as it pertains to the Cops and Campers summer camp and will not be shared with any other agency or entity.

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