How does my trash collection work?

CWD will empty the cart using  Automated Side Load (ASL) trucks. ASL trucks must have adequate space in the street or alleyway for the truck to line up to a cart and allow for the truck's arm and claw to extend to retrieve the cart.  In order to protect your property, the driver will not service your cart(s) if vehicles or other obstacles are positioned too close to the cart(s).

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1. How does my trash collection work?
2. Where do I place carts if I have more than one cart?
3. What if I need an additional trash cart?
4. Who do I call for repairs?
5. What about items that will not fit in my cart?
6. What about appliances?
7. What if I do not want to wait for the once a month bundled brush and bulk pickup?
8. What if a holiday falls on my collection day?
9. Are we going to have a Spring Cleanup?
10. What about household hazardous waste?
11. What about my electronic waste (e-waste)?