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Posted on: February 22, 2018

Developing summer watering strategy urged


February 22, 2018

Developing a watering strategy for summer urged

SACHSE (February 22, 2018) Early sunrises, late sunsets and temperatures in the triple digits, along with the accompanying thoughts regarding water use and its associated costs, may be tough to envision right now, but those days are definitely on the short horizon. 

                “We’re not all conditioned to think that far ahead, even though it’s only a few short months away,” says Sachse Finance Director Teresa Savage.  “We live in the moment, and forget that we will be facing long, hot days very soon, including the prospect of high water use.  Right now, though, is the perfect time to come up with a strategy to deal with that inevitability.”

                Sachse families can begin thinking about summer and how they plan to approach the season’s demands on lawns and landscaping.  Local landscaping experts advise homeowners to use this time and the short planting season to sketch a plan for smart water use.

                For example, adding a generous bed of mulch to the area around bushes, small trees and annuals can help preserve water and diminish evaporation.  Planting drought-resistant, native plants around the home can lessen the need to constantly water.

                Properly using soaker hoses around foundations can replace the need to water the entire yard when the dry season takes hold.  Of course, ensuring that the sprinkler system is in proper order is essential before the watering begins.

                Hoses, valves, sprinkler heads, timers, controllers and other parts of the irrigation system should be checked by a professional during the spring.  Any broken or misdirected sprinkler heads should be immediately replaced or realigned.

                Leaky outdoor spigots or worn out water hoses and portable sprinklers should be repaired or replaced, and any pooling water spots around the yard should be investigated for underground leaks.

                “When the temperatures start to ease up, we should make it a priority to get the irrigation system checked and ready,” said Savage.  “Simply turning it on and forgetting it can have dire consequences on the wallet.”

                Sachse’s drinking water, delivered to homes and businesses using pipes and storage facilities owned and maintained by the City, is purchased from the North Texas Municipal Water District.  The NTMWD sets the price of water based on their costs, and those costs are borne by its many customers, including Sachse residents and businesses          

                “The costs of purchasing water are not likely to go down.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Water costs will continue to rise, so using it wisely, conserving it, and eliminating waste are our only options,” she said.  Water use and conservation will be the main topic at the annual H2O XPO, set as part of the April 7 Arbor Day celebration.  More information on that event is coming soon.

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