Sachse Citizen’s Police Academy



The Citizen Police Academy (CPA) is a 10-week program designed to give Sachse citizens a working knowledge of the Sachse Police Department. The objective of the CPA is for the police department to continue to build relationships with the community it serves. The program allows citizens to gain insight into the inner workings of their police department. It provides the Department an opportunity to understand individual concerns and perceptions so the department can be responsive to community needs.

Department staff engage members of the community in a classroom setting about the different aspects of their police department. The program curriculum allows citizens to gain knowledge in the philosophy and various areas of policing through instruction, discussions, and hands on activities.


*CPA is restricted to those individuals who live or work in the City of Sachse


  • Minimum of 21 years of age
  • Must pass a background investigation
  • 10-week academy- beginning on August 15
  • Classes will be conducted on Tuesdays from 6:15PM – 8:30PM
  • No cost to participate
  • Only one academy per year
  • Graduation ceremony held in the final week


Application Process:

To apply, please complete and submit the following application.


Sachse Police Department Citizen Police Academy Application

  1. Personal Identifiers:
  2. Home Information:
  3. Work Information:
  4. Background Information:

    Prior to acceptance, a background investigation will be done on all applicants. The background will include prior criminal offenses. A prior conviction will not automatically disqualify an applicant. Each applicant's situation will be considered as it relates to the Academy.

  5. My prior contacts with the police have been:
  6. Have you ever been arrested?
  7. References

    Because of the nature of information presented in the academy, we ask for personal references in order to complete the investigation into an applicant's background.

  8. Reference 1:
  9. Reference 2:
  10. Certification and Signature

    I hereby certify that there are no willful misrepresentations, omissions or falsifications in the foregoing statements and answers to questions. I understand that any omission or false statement on this application shall be sufficient cause for rejection of enrollments or dismissal from the Sachse Citizens Police Academy. I understand that participation in this program is not to train students to be police officers. Participation is to provide education regarding the purpose, rationale and context of police procedures. I acknowledge that as part of acceptance in this program, I will abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the Sachse Police Department and the City of Sachse and will provide my own transportation and insurance. I further understand that the Sachse Police Department will conduct a thorough background investigation that my include criminal history information, employment history and personal reference.  The Sachse Police Department reserves the right to deny any applicant. 

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