How do YOU pronounce, "Sachse?" Here's a hint: SAK [see]

Communications serves the City of Sachse and its residents by creating innovative community outreach strategies, providing consistent original graphic design, producing thought-provoking videos and building strong relationships with area media. Every day and in every way, we tell the stories of our city. 

The City of Sachse is a standard bearer for excellence and business growth in Texas. Recognized nationally and by the State of Texas, Sachse is known for its friendly residents, superb quality of life, acclaimed public safety, vigorous business development, diverse cultural experiences, family-friendly recreational opportunities and vibrant hometown spirit. We are, "Oh So Sachse!"

Our Communications staff provides robust, fascinating, timely, and on occasion, lifesaving content on various social media platforms. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Sachse Scene. Live stream Sachse City Council Meetings. You'll be #FeelingSachse in no time!