Traditional Finances

The City of Sachse supports an Open Government philosophy and has established a comprehensive online resource for citizens to review a variety of government documents.  The Traditional Finances page contains information required by the Texas Comptrollers' Transparency Stars program that recognizes local governments in their pursuit for openness and accountability for their citizens.  

Traditional financial information contained on this page includes links to budgetary reports and audited annual financial reports, as well as information on the City's investments and payroll data.  Downloadable check registers and budgets allow interactive access to important financial information.


Most Recent Financial Information

The following financial information is compiled from our 2022 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, from pages 45, 47 and 53.

Governmental funds represent programs and services that benefit citizens and visitors, such as public safety, parks and recreation, animal services and the library.  The cost of these services are primarily financed with property tax and sales tax revenues.  Proprietary funds rely on fees and charges for their support.  These funds include the provision of water and wastewater service and trash collection. Proprietary funds also include the activity of internal service funds that benefit the City's own operations, including the City's insurance operations. 

Governmental funds report ongoing operations as revenues and expenditures. Other financing sources/(uses) are used to report non-recurring items, including proceeds from debt issuance, the net effect of intrafund transfers, and sales of capital assets.  Proprietary funds report ongoing operations as operating revenues and operating expenses.  Non-operating revenues/(expenses) include interest income and sales of capital assets.  Capital contributions/transfers include infrastructure received from developers and the net effect of intrafund transfers.



Per Capita


     Property Taxes - Governmental
     Sales Tax - Governmental
     Other Revenues - Governmental
     Operating Revenues - Proprietary
     Total Revenues:


     Expenditures - Governmental
     Operating Expenses - Proprietary
     Total Expenses:

Other Items:

     Other Financing Sources/(Uses)
     Non-Operating Revenues/(Expenses)
     Capital Contributions/Transfers
     Total Other Items:

Other Information:

2022 Population

Full Time Equivalent Positions

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FY 2023 Adopted BudgetBudgets

The City Budget is an annually adopted document that outlines revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year.

View Most Recent Budget  | Notice of Public Hearing  | Notice of Proposed Tax Rate | Tax Rate Calculation | Tax Code Section 26.18 | Budget Calendar | View All Budgets  |  Downloadable Budget FY2022-2023

Quarterly Budget Report 

The Budget Report includes revenues and expenditures for the General, Utility, Debt Service, Impact Fee, Special Revenue, Street Maintenance Tax, and Health Insurance funds. 

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Visualizations and Graphical Data

These easy-to-read visual representations are summary tables. More detailed options with drill down capability are available on the OpenGov transparency portal

Bond Payments

Downloadable overviews of the City's bond payments can be found here. Additional information about the City's debt can be found in the Debt Obligations section.