Old Town Zoning

Press Release (11-09-17)

The oldest part of Sachse, commonly referred to as Old Town, is the original grid of streets primarily around the 5th Street area and stretching across the railroad.  The 2001 Comprehensive Plan reserved Old Town for a new downtown type development.  The 2017 Comprehensive Plan, based upon citizen input and adopted by the City Council, echoed that call to provide Sachse with a mixed use destination center to function as the "heart" of the community that is engaging and welcoming.

The vision is an intimately balanced mix of unique restaurants and boutique shops carefully and purposefully scaled to blend into the neighborhoods surrounding and adjacent to the core of Old Town.  Correcting the regulations to allow for this vision, along with quality residential infill and home offices, was an immediate priority listed in the Comprehensive Plan.

Old Town Zoning Ordinance