2020-2021 Street Maintenance Tax

Street Maintenance Tax Election

Early Voting: April 19-27, 2021

Election: May 1, 2021

Voting Locations

Colin County Residents: Michael J. Felix Community Center

Dallas County Residents: Sachse City Hall

What is street maintenance sales tax?

A Street Maintenance Sales Tax Program is a method of funding street maintenance projects through the local sales tax. State Law requires voters to approve the program through an election every four years. 

When residents and/or visitors purchase taxable goods in the city, they pay a sales tax on that purchase. The current sales tax is 8.25%, which is similar to other cities throughout Texas. The majority of the sales tax revenue goes to the state, but a portion of that revenue can be set aside to be used for local projects, like the ongoing maintenance of streets throughout the city. 

The Street Maintenance Sales Tax program was chosen by the residents of Sachse, for the residents of Sachse. The program expires in 2021 unless it is renewed by Sachse voters. If voters choose not to renew the program at the May 2021 election, the program will be discontinued. 

2021 Street Maintenance Tax Fact Sheet

*If the Street Maintenance Tax is approved, the sales and use tax would not increase and would remain 8.25%. 

*If the Street Maintenance tax is not approved, the sales and use tax would decrease to 8.0%.

Project Selection

  • Any Street in Sachse is eligible for the program. 
  • The City selects project annually based on pavement conditions and available funds. 
  • City Staff works with the City Council to identify projects during the annual budget process. 

Recent Projects

The Street Maintenance Sales Tax program was most recently approved in May, 2017, since its implementation in October of that year, $1,462,798 have been received and 18 projects funded. 

2017 Projects:
Natchez, Jefferson and Cornwall asphalt overlay
Hooper asphalt overlay
Industrial Park concrete repairs

2018 Projects:
Parkview Drive panel replacement
Pleasant Valley Place asphalt overlay
Ben Road asphalt overlay
Longbranch Court asphalt overlay

2019 Projects:
Sachse Road asphalt overlay (Hwy 78 to Fifth Street)
Sachse Road asphalt overlay (Oakridge to Muddy Creek)
Tina Street repairs
Pecan Grove rehabilitation
Sable Lane rehabilitation
Sachse South Estates asphalt overlay
Woodbridge Parkway panel replacement

2020 Projects:
Park Lake Boulevard concrete rehabilitation
James Street concrete rehabilitation
Dewitt Concrete rehabilitation
Merritt Road asphalt overlay

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