Medicine Drop Box

The Sachse Police Department has been participating in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) national take back program initiative since 2011. If you have used this program, you know it has only been once or twice a year on a specific days, or day. NOT ANY MORE!!! The Sachse Police Department now utilizes a medication drop box program that allows citizens to dispose of expired or unwanted medication at the police department at any time day or night, 365 days a year thru the use of a drop box located in the lobby of the police department. This drop box will accept prescription medication, medication samples, pet medication, over the counter medication and vitamins.

The unit is not to be utilized for, lotions, liquids, aerosols, thermometers, needles or illegal drugs. Signage on top of the unit provides a full description of what is and what is not acceptable. There is a picture of the unit at the bottom of this message. It operates similar to that of a standard mailbox. Although the department will continue to participate in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s drug take back initiative, our desire is that citizens not wait to dispose of their medication and will take advantage of this service to prevent accidental ingestion by children or animals, other misuse or contamination of our ground water.