Lock Box Program

The Lock Box Program is designed for those citizens sixty-five years of age or older, or those households where a person with "special needs" lives. Generally, “special needs” will be defined by the household making application for the service. An example might be a residence where a person lives who has a medical condition or  is restricted to a wheelchair. This program will allow officers/fire personnel the ability to make entry into a residence in an emergency without causing damage to the structure.

Persons can access a Lock Box Program application at Lock Box Program Application or by stopping by the Police Records or Dispatch offices in the Public Safety Building located at 3815 Sachse Road Building D. 

After review and acceptance of the application, the lockbox will be delivered to the residence where the house key (supplied by the resident) will be placed in the lockbox and locked. The key will be secured by attaching the lockbox in an inconspicuous location.  

The combination for the lock as well as the underlying reason for the lockbox will only be available to police or fire personnel who are responding to an emergency at the residence. The combination will be changed immediately after each usage. There is no cost for this program. The City retains ownership of the lockbox.