Neighborhoods & HOAs

Neighborhood Engagement

City staff is available to speak at your Homeowner Associations' (HOAs) next annual or quarterly meeting or upon request with sufficient advance notice. Neighborhood planning efforts work best when city staff and residents work together to find solutions to challenging problems and situations. It is our goal to keep lines of communication open with all neighborhood groups.


The City of Sachse desires to maintain proactive partnerships with its HOAs, property managers, and other neighborhood groups. We ask that organizations provide contact information, and if you would like to update your information or be included in the HOA directory, please call 469.429.4793.


HOAs are a critical component to healthy neighborhoods, as they assist in protecting property values, ensuring well maintained common areas and landscaping, and providing a forum for resident leaders. Learning more about one's HOA and its governing CCRs (covenants, rules, and regulations) is a great first step to get involved in one's community.