Garage Sale Information

By Sachse Code of Ordinances Chapter 4, Section 3, a resident wanting to conduct an occasional (garage) sale must obtain a permit from the City. This permit is issued by the City of Sachse Fire Administrative Assistant allowing for a sale not to exceed four (4) consecutive days for each sale. A resident may not hold more than two (2) sales per year at his/her address or other residential premises within the city. There is no charge for the permit. The permit may be filled out online and submitted to the  City of Sachse Fire Administrative Assistant or can be printed, completed, and delivered in person or by e-mail.

NOTE: Assuming your address does not violate the 'Sachse Code of Ordinances, Chapter 4, Section 3', your Garage Sale Application will be automatically Approved. The E-mail confirmation you receive will serve as your permit.

There are also rules about occasional (garage) sale signage.

Rules on Garage Sale Signage

If you have questions or need additional information about garage sale permits please contact the Fire Administrative Assistant, Nevin Chacko, at 469-429-4791 or