Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
  • Long-range policy statement intended to direct the growth and development of a community for an extended period of time
  • Comprehensive planning is a critical function of city government because it relies heavily upon citizen input, engages diverse stakeholders, and involves all municipal departments
  • Process by which a community assesses what it has, what it wants, and how to implement and achieve that vision
  • Formally creates dialogue for how Sachse will change through the years and forges a shared vision for the future 

Progress Report

  1. Ordinances
  2. Programs
  3. CIPs
  • Architecture (complete)
  • Junked Vehicles (complete)
  • Trash & Grass (complete)
  • Fences (complete)
  • Development Parking Regulations (complete)
  • 2015 IBC/IFC (complete)
  • Accessory Structures (complete)
  • Use Chart (complete)
  • Landscaping (pending)
  • Sign Code (in progress)
  • Platting Processes (complete)
  • Neighborhood Parking Regulations (pending)
  • Screening (pending)
  • Lighting (pending)
  • Zoning Code general clean-up (on-going)