Trash Services

Republic Services 972.422.2341

Republic Services provides the City's waste, bulk, and recycle service.  

Basic Service Includes:

  • Trash collection once/week (Blue polycart)
  • Recycle collection once every other week (Green polycart)
  • Bulk/brush collection once monthly (12 cubic yard limit)

Household Hazardous Waste is not accepted curb side. Personal delivery to Dallas County Home Collection Center is available to Sachse residents free of charge.

Request Additional Trash Polycart (form center)- $6.51 each/per month

  1. Bulk/Brush Collection
  2. Trash Collection
  3. Recycle Collection


Effective January 1, the City’s bulk collection schedule will transition to a two-week process.  As the city has grown over the past several years, the volume of bulk and brush has increased to the point that the collection contractor is often unable to complete the entire city in one week.  This has necessitated the schedule change, and while there will be an adjustment process for residents and staff, the changes will result in improved service overall.

There will be two zones for bulk collection.  Zone 1 consists of the area of the City east of Highway 78 and south of Sachse Road. Zone 2 consists of the areas west of Highway 78, as well as the areas east of Highway 78 that are also north of Sachse Road—this zone will include all areas of Woodbridge. 

Zone 1 will be collected during the week of each month that includes the first Monday of the month.  In January 2018, this will be the week of New Year’s Day, with all collections moved back one day due to the holiday.  Have your bulk at the curb at 7am on Monday for pickup during the week.  Please note your adjusted schedule does not coincide with your regular trash day.  While the bulk and brush pickup service begins on Mondays, the amount of material throughout each zone may delay pickup until later in the week. For example, zone 1 pickup starts on the first Monday of the month, but because of high volume, residents in the zone may not see pickup trucks until later in the week.   The same is true for zone 2.  

Zone 2 will be collected during the week of each month that includes the second Monday of the month.  Have your bulk at the curb at 7am on Monday for pickup during the week.  Your adjusted schedule does not coincide with your regular trash day.  

All other procedures related to bulk will remain the same as in the past.

View the map and calendar for your designated collection day.

  • Place all items on the front curb by 7:00 am on Monday according to Zone
  • Furniture and appliances are accepted, not to exceed 12 cubic yards.  
  • Tree trimmings, branches and shrubs should be cut and placed in bundles or piles for hand collection, not to exceed 12 cubic yard limit.
  • Tree trimmings, branches and shrubs too large for hand collection requires that a claw truck be dispatched, not to exceed 12 cubic yard limit. 

Additional charges may apply for exceeding the 12 cubic yard limit and/or only the 12 cubic yards will be accepted and the overage will remain for special collection to be scheduled by homeowner. 

Bulk Collection Direct Questions

Due to the volume of bulk City-wide and circumstances beyond the City's control, Collection information and scheduling special bulk collection can be obtained directly from Republic Services 972.422.2341.

Special Handling/Carry Our Service Available

A trash and recycling carry out service is available for temporarily or permanently disabled occupants who are physically unable to deliver carts to the curb.  To be eligible for this service, the customer must have no one else residing in the household or employed by the resident capable of carrying the trash/recycling carts to the curb or alley, and the disability statement of the application form must be completed by a licensed physician.   All eligible, completed original applications should be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the City of Sachse Utility Department.  3815-B Sachse Road, Sachse, TX 75048. Phone: 469.429.4765; Fax: 972.495.9356; Email for processing the service. 

Disabled Carry Out Service Applications must be resubmitted annually from the date of the original application for all temporary disabling conditions.  Failure to submit renewal will be considered notice to discontinue this service.

Sachse's Green Year Round Handout
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