Trash Services

Republic Services 972.422.2341

Republic Services provides the City's waste, bulk, and recycle service.  

Basic Service Includes:

  • Trash collection once/week (Blue polycart)
  • Recycle collection once every other week (Green polycart)
  • Bulk/brush collection once monthly (12 cubic yard limit)

Household Hazardous Waste is not accepted curb side. Personal delivery to Dallas County Home Collection Center is available to Sachse residents free of charge.

Request Additional Trash Polycart (form center)- $6.73 each/per month

  1. Recycle Collection
  2. Bulk/Brush Collection
  3. Trash Collection
View the 2018 map and calendar for your designated collection day through December 31.  View the 2019 map and calendar for your designated collection January 1 through April 2, 2019.  

Recycling is collected in your Green polycart once every two weeks at the same location as your regular trash collection.  
  • Recycling cart placement by 7:00 am on your designated collection day.
  • Recycling polycart should be placed at least two (2) feet from your Blue trash polycart.

Additional Recycling polycarts

Additional recycling polycarts are available at no charge by contacting Republic Services 972.422.2341.

Acceptable Recycling Items

Paper (staples okay)
Ream wrappers
Take-out containers
Aluminum beverage cans
File folders
Water bottles
Food cans

Poster board
Soda bottles
Scrap metal

Junk mail
Frozen food boxes

Phone books
Cardboard boxes

Milk cartons


Unaccepted Recycling Items listed on Republic Services website include Aerosol cans, aluminum foil, batteries, food waste, mirrors, ceramics, stickers and address labels, Styrofoam, tissue, paper towels and/or napkins.

Special Handling/Carry Out Service Available

A trash and recycling carry out service is available for temporarily or permanently disabled occupants who are physically unable to deliver carts to the curb.  To be eligible for this service, the customer must have no one else residing in the household or employed by the resident capable of carrying the trash/recycling carts to the curb or alley, and the disability statement of the application form must be completed by a licensed physician.   All eligible, completed original applications should be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the City of Sachse Utility Department.  3815-B Sachse Road, Sachse, TX 75048. Phone: 469.429.4765; Fax: 972.495.9356; Email for processing the service. 

Disabled Carry Out Service Applications must be resubmitted annually from the date of the original application for all temporary disabling conditions.  Failure to submit renewal will be considered notice to discontinue this service.

Sachse's Green Year Round Handout
View the 2018 handout.  View the 2019 handout.