Permits and Applications

Alarm Permits

If you have an alarm system installed in your home or business, it must be registered with the Police Department. Anyone found operating an alarm system without a permit will be given one warning, then assessed a $250 fine per occurrence. Alarm permits are $10 and are valid for two years. You must print out the application, fill it out and bring it, along with your $10 permit fee, to the Public Safety Building at 3815 Sachse Road, Building D. For more information, view Section 3-21 of the Sachse Municipal Code.

Solicitation Permits (Door-to-Door Solicitation)

For anyone interested in soliciting door-to-door in Sachse, please print the application and return to the Public Safety Building along with any individual permit applications.* The form has instructions and fees as well as information on rules and regulations for soliciting. For further information regarding solicitation in Sachse, please see the solicitation ordinance listed below.

*Each individual representing your company and/or organization that will be going door-to-door must fill out the Individual Permit Application as well.

Sec. 4-6, Solicitors and canvassers, ordinance

Parking Variance Permit 

The chief of police or designee may grant a temporary parking permit, not to exceed seven (7) consecutive days, to the owner of a trailer or towable or motorized recreational vehicle for the purpose of work to be performed at the location, to visit from out of town, or other such purpose as deemed appropriate by the chief of police or designee.

Sec. 9-6,  Parking ordinance