Tax Information

Current Local Sales Tax

The local sales and use tax for Sachse is 8.25% and is divided as follows:

Property Tax Rates - 2017

Dallas County Tax Rate
City of Sachse $0.747279
Dallas County $0.243100
Dallas County Community College $0.124238
Parkland Hospital $0.279400
Dallas County Schools $0.01
Garland ISD $1.460000

Collin County Tax Rate
City of Sachse $0.747279
Collin County $0.192246
Collin College $0.079810
Wylie ISD $1.640000

Historic Property Tax Information

The total property tax rate includes two rates. The maintenance and operations rate (M&O) is used to support the ongoing operations of the city. This rate pays for recurring costs of delivering municipal services. The second rate is the interest and sinking fund rate (I&S). The I&S rate pays for the debt obligations of Sachse. The graph below shows the historical property tax rate in Sachse beginning in 2008 with the M&O shown in purple and the I&S shown in dark green.

The approved M&O rate for 2017 (FY2018) is $0.553072 per $100 of property valuation

The approved I&S rate for 2017 (FY2018) is $0.194207 per $100 of property valuation.

A bond election was held in 2006 whereby the Citizens of Sachse authorized the issuance of $37,925,000 in General Obligation bonds for street and road improvements and to construct and equip a new City Hall, Public Safety Building, to renovate Salmon Park, and to make improvements to the Senior Center and Library facilities. These bonds were issued in two phases. In 2007, the City issued $6,130,000 and the remaining $31,795,000 was issued in 2009.

2017 Tax Rate Table.png

Collin County

Residents living in Collin County will receive a tax statement from Collin County that will include county taxes, city taxes, and school taxes in one statement.

Dallas County

Residents living in Dallas County will receive a tax statement from Dallas County that will include county taxes and city taxes. The school taxes will come from Garland Independent School District in a separate tax statement.